My name is Adam. I’m a Michigan transplant living in Snohomish County, near the Salish Sea in Cascadia. I’ve had an interest in photography since I was young, but never pursued it seriously until the past few years. I’ve moved on from a point-and-shoot and use a couple of Nikon DSLRs quite often. I also was able to inherit my grandfather’s well-maintained Canon AE-1 film SLR, which I’ve only started using. I’ve also recently received a Holga 120N plastic toy camera that I’ve been playing around with.

                My interest in photography is primarily one of a contemplative nature. Rather than taking pictures of objects and focusing on subject matter, contemplative photography is all about seeing and the process of seeing. Rather than photographing a bridge, how do you convey the simplicity found in that bridge? How do you express what you see in the moment you see it, without conceptualization?

                Living where I do, I often take pictures of the mountains and rives I find myself surrounded by. Also, whenever I happen to remember to bring my camera with me on a hike or trip somewhere. I’ve begun dabbling in street photography a bit, some of which I’ve posted here.

                I hope to post some of my film work here once I get it developed. I’m finding that the process of using film is much, much more intensive than I ever thought it would be. While there is a way to process film through photoshop and be able to crop/edit the photos, that isn’t my goal. My goal with using the AE-1 and Holga are to practice composition, slow myself down, and get to know more deeply the process of taking a photo.

                I’ve migrated a former tumblr blog to this site, and with that there are quite a few dharma-flavored posts here too. I’ll post those only so often as I feel like it, but keep it mostly photography related here. I hope you enjoy, and always welcome constructive criticism.


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