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Using my Holga 120N

First roll of color from the Holga

The thing about Holgas is that they are prone to light leaks. At least I know where they are now and can fix them though. Still got a couple of cool photos.

This was definitely my favorite from the roll.

I took this one not for the subject/composition, but rather to see how the colors of this kiddie pool would turn out on film. I thought that the colors were not only brilliant, but that the clarity was rather impressive for a Holga.

2nd favorite…



Black and White Holga part 2

More from my first round of black and white with the Holga 120N

My first attempts with a Holga

So, here are a few of the results from my first attempt with my Holga. If you aren’t familiar with what a Holga is, start here. It’s basically just a cheap plastic camera that shoots medium format (120) film. The images are of pretty terrible quality, the cameras are prone to things like light leaks and scratching your film, and there are no real settings to use other than bright/not so bright and kinda close/not so close/far away. So why use it?

Well, I know that a lot of film schools will hand these out to beginning students. Since you can’t really use any settings or adjust for exposure and such (like you can with an SLR or DSLR) you focus primarily on composition and subject matter. For me, using a Holga forces me to slow way down in order to frame the shot properly, make sure the lens cap is off (something I forget to do way too often) and leave the rest up to the camera. There’s no way to tell what type of effects you’ll have with your Holga, because they’re all plastic. Each one is going to give you a little different effect on your film each time you use it. You can also do some fun double exposures with these cameras too.

Here are a few of the ones that turned out from my first two rolls: