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My wife likes this one, I have no idea what to do with it. I might run it through Lightroom and see what else I could do with it. It was this really nice, foggy afternoon that I snapped this one, and it’s way underexposed. It’s all a learning experience with film I’m finding…


Fleur de lis

02Dont’ remember where or what this was it has been so long. It came out pretty underexposed, but I thought it looked kind of fun as black and white.

School at night – 2

Another snapshot of my former school at night/during the golden hour. I couldn’t get a good shot of it, but there’s another building on my left with similar features that makes for an impressive view during sunsets and when the clouds reveal themselves like this. Maybe with a fisheye next time… 04

School at night

16Last year I finished up my AAS at Everett Community College, and my arrival time often coincided with what is commonly known as “the golden hour” in photography. This provided a lot of opportunity for me to play with my AE-1, sometimes successfully. I like the way the colors turned out here, and would like to try this again with one of my DSLRs someday.

Shot with Provia 400. I believe I had one of my zoom lenses on for this shot, but don’t remember.