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School at night – 3

Last one of these. I was completely surprised as to how the colors turned out here. Again using Provia 400 on my Canon AE-1 Program. I seem to remember the sky being a bit more pink-gold than whatever you might call this, but I fell in love with the symmetry when I was walking up to the Science building for class one night and snapped this one. 17


School at night

16Last year I finished up my AAS at Everett Community College, and my arrival time often coincided with what is commonly known as “the golden hour” in photography. This provided a lot of opportunity for me to play with my AE-1, sometimes successfully. I like the way the colors turned out here, and would like to try this again with one of my DSLRs someday.

Shot with Provia 400. I believe I had one of my zoom lenses on for this shot, but don’t remember.